We have a saying that, “If you need a good man to do the job, hire a woman!” This has been my experience in my 76 years of life. In Bangladesh, I see women as the backbone of the nation. The disability movement, for many years, was dominated by men who, as in most cultures, enjoyed a favored status over women. Often men would discount or totally overlook the potential and capacity of women in the disability movement, as in other areas of development. Unfortunately and unfairly, women were omitted and even abused, to the shame of some of the male leadership. Today, strong women, such as those who founded, are building and are succeeding within WDDF, are doing the job in a manner that is inclusive of all. WDDF is a model for the nation and other developing nations ensuring that opportunity and activism are available for all! I admire and salute the successes as a result of the strong feminine leadership of WDDF.

Bill Winkley, Consultant to Organizations of PWDs in Bangladesh and around the world.

WDDF is a self help organization of women with Disabilities. I am very much pleased to visit this organization. I exchanged my views with Ashrafun Nahar Misti, Executive Director and Shirin Akhter, Chairperson. I think it is challenging job for them. I wish every success of this organization

Md. Shek Habur Rahman, Deputy Director, NGO Affairs Bureau, Bangladesh.

WDDF's work shows that women with disabilities are active citizens whose contribution to society should not be underestimated. As an organization by and for women with disabilities, they work tirelessly for the legal and policy changes that contribute to recognize their rights, increase agency and improve their lives. Mama Cash is a convinced supporter of the work they carry out

Vanina Serra, Programme Officer Voice, Mama Cash, Fund for Women, Netherlands.

WDDF plays a key role in raising the visibility for women living with disabilities through their incredible work to include women in direct campaigning, awareness-raising, and advocacy for policy change. WDDF's work strengthens local women's human rights movement by partnering with many key stakeholders to ensure that the inclusion of rights for women with disabilities are not neglected.

Huong Nguyen, Senior Learning and Impact Officer, Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights USA.